AOR's Services Include

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal

Our strong partnership with some of the leading metal processing facilities enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing. If you require material pickup then you can depend on All Ontario Recycling. It has one of Ontario's largest fleet of trucks and trailers for scrap metal hauling. Bins are also available for your location or business that has a need for metal disposal.  View Current Prices

Auto Recycling

Car Crusher

From crushing to road crews to heavy equipment, AOR has all of your Auto Recycling needs covered. AOR has a strong line-up of balers and systematic crushing processes that ensure effective and efficient harvesting of your scrap cars. Our road crews are ready to serve you. From Cranes to Crushers, and dump trailers to dual axles, AOR will meet the pressing needs of auto recycling.

Tire Recycling

Tire Recycling

AOR is a registered Ontario Tire Stewardship hauler and has established strong processor relationships so it can take large amounts of tires from your site at any time. Regular pick-ups provide customers with fast, reliable and efficient disposal capabilities. With local, regional and provincial reach, AOR's fleet of trucks and specialized equipment is ready to meet your tire recycling needs.


Tire Recycling

AOR Demolition Services include overload support and specialty services. Overload support provides demolition companies with the needed additional equipment and haul-away capabilities to clean any site quickly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art cranes, shears and other heavy equipment provide a cost effective solution to challenging situations. We can provide you with the needed equipment at just the right time and price.

Roll Off Bins

AOR has always listened to, and adapted to, the needs of our clients. As a result we have recently expanded into roll off bins that can be placed at your business. There are a variety of sizes ranging from 14 yards to 50 yards. The delivery charge and exchanges thereafter are simply deducted from the value of your scrap metal in the bins. Clients can now be paid to keep their locations tidy.

Scrap Car Pickup Available

If you have an old or scrap car you would like removed, simply call AOR and our tow truck can pick it up for you. The cost is deducted from the value of your vehicle and the balance is paid to you in cash. Or you can DONATE the funds to a CHARITY of your choice.